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Rambling North Beach [18 May 2006|11:10am]

Excerpt #3 of my three volume chapbook in progress, THE RAMBLE NOOSE, incorporating last week's visit to San Fran. Walked right past Jack Kerouac Alley, looking for one without a name.

...and so context is everything. Omniscience itself constantly making deals with nomenclature. Yaweh paid a lump sum In The Beginning, not realizing Read more...Collapse )
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First Thought Best Thought...The Postcard Project [30 Sep 2005|11:16am]

Hello All,

Wanted to share a project idea I came up with that fits with this community:


On my website I have a page called The Postcard Project, wherein I did this.

The first series is The Beats. For this first installment, I looked at the picture, turned the card over and did the "first thought, best thought" thing with no edits. Hope you enjoy.


Look for The Postcard Project link.

Keep the ink flowing,
twin cities
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[05 Sep 2005|04:43pm]


Alone at night
in the wet city

the country's wit
is not memorable.

The wind has blown
all the trees down

but these anxieties
remain erect, being

the heart's deliberate
chambers of hurt

and fear whether
from a green apartment

seeming diamonds or
from an airliner

seeming fields. It's
not simple or tidy

though in rows of
rows and numbered;

the literal drifts
colorfully and

the hair is combed
with bridges, all

compromises leap
to stardom and lights.

If alone I am
able to love it,

the serious voices,
the panic of jobs,

it is sweet to me.
Far from burgeoning

verdure, the hard way
in this street.

Frank O'Hara
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